Interview: Therese Sjögran (Malmo FF)

12 May 2006 20:12

MALMO, May 12 (SW) – Just after the match between Malmo FF and Djurgården/Älvsjö Women Soccerway and MFFare spoke with Malmo player Therese Sjögran.

How did it feel after the game against Djurgården/Älvsjö?

It felt good of course, we are very satisfied with the game. But it's all

history now, we are looking forward now.

What was the recipe for the incredible turn against them?

I don't know the recipe. I think we started the game anxious because of

the late changes in the starting eleven. Then when we shot the equalizer and after that took the lead, we dominated! The second half was totally ours.

You had an International game in between, how does it affect the form of the team, without a game last weekend?

Don't think it affects us that much. It was the same after the game

against Umeå, and look how it went!

If you make a quick comparison between todays team and the team from last year. What is the biggest difference in the play?

I think we have developed our play system some more, we go straight to the goal. Then we have a lots of young players which people don't know much about. Not much teams know how we play.

The last week, how has it been?

It has been good, it's just Dora Stefansdottir who still has some problem with her foot (she missed the WC-qualifying game against Belarus). Frida is back from her injury, so it looks good!

It's been pretty easy for you when you meet Göteborg in the past (5-1,

6-1, 5-1 last year). How does that come?

Don't know... Does not think the result has reflected the games. Göteborg

has usually been good, but we scored. We do not underestimate them, they are a good team!

Have you talked about how you gonna stop Lotta Schelin?

No, we haven't talked about the game yet. We will probably do it later

this week.

How do you think the game will turn out to be on sunday?

Hard to say... Only that we win.

Tip the result?

We win...

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